Victim of the Beast 666

by Rare Beasts

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This was recorded in our basements on an 8-track box


released November 24, 2015

Thomas Shreve - vocals, guitar
Austin Traver- drums
Joshua Garcia - bass



all rights reserved


Rare Beasts Woodbury, Connecticut

sad boyz making bad noize

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Track Name: Wonderwall by Oasis by Jonas Berry by Rare Beasts
He'll have another drink and drive himself home. Is this reason you left me all alone? I know I'm a boy, not a man, with a broken heart and two empty hands.
Track Name: Lilly E. Gray
Apologies make everything all better when they're from a boy who's pretty but that's not me and that'll never be me. Competition is such an ugly word but so is obsession and you use that one a lot. Here's a list of everything I hate: the first is kisses that mean nothing and the second is everyone who isn't me. I will break you down. Your image of strength is not enough to get you by alone. You will always be innocent and so will I if I get anything that I want.
Track Name: Dude, I Kind Of Feel Like We're In Skyrim Right Now
When I say mean things to people they go away, but when I say nice things to people they never stay. I don't have the muscles to move mountains. The only things I move are lips. I hope to god he leaves you shaking when he slides his fingertips through your hair as you pretend that I was never there. It hasn't been a month since the last time you wrapped your legs around mine. You told me we felt intertwined, are we so intertwined now? No. I love the way you fall in love with all my friends. I love the way that you say that it's a means to an end, almost as much as I loved you.